The Team PULSE 360° System helps the entire team improve.

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Nurses, physicians, mid-levels, and other healthcare team members who work together can get a panoramic understanding of their strengths and improvement opportunities, as well as (importantly) the impact they have on each other.


Get Automated 360° Feedback Across the Full Team

For smaller teams, the automated software protocol enables each team member to receive aggregated and anonymous 360° feedback from their team members.

For medium-sized teams, team members may invite the ones with whom they work the most to provide anonymous feedback.

Members of larger teams, units, and departments can select team members to whom they want to give feedback.

Overall, the Team PULSE 360° System (Physicians Universal Leadership-Teamwork Skills Education) provides perceptual feedback that reinforces effective behaviors, increases self-awareness, and promotes accountability.


Motivate the “Not-as-Good” to Good, the Good to Great, and the Great to Greater

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Team leaders can get feedback on how the team functions. The PULSE survey process communicates to all team members the behaviors that leadership values and, most importantly, acknowledges and validates what team members are doing well to support and sustain their engagement, motivation, and quality of care.


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