The PULSE 360° Survey System provides physicians, nurses, leaders, & other healthcare professionals with the panoramic feedback needed to go from good to great.

physician 360 feedback professionalism

100% remote system for physicians and healthcare professionals



physician feedback and online trainingUsing perceptual feedback from healthcare peers, the PULSE 360° Survey System (Physicians & Professionals Universal Leadership-Teamwork Skills Education) shows physicians and other healthcare professionals how they are viewed on core competencies such as communication, collaboration, time-management, problem-solving, and conflict resolution, as well as their motivational impact on team members.

The PULSE 360° Survey System can also address perceptual feedback on technical proficiency, and thereby deals with the full range of Joint Commission and CanMEDS core competencies.

Benefits of the PULSE 360° Survey Feedback & Training System
  • Specialty-specific Quality PULSE Surveys
  • Focus on patient satisfaction with the goal of reduced complaints
  • One process to assess and help improve technical and soft skills
  • Anonymous feedback process
  • Balances raters to avoid rater overload
  • Helps physicians improve practice style, professionalism, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills

Rapidly Improve Physician Leadership Skills

physician training and coaching healthcare teamThe Leadership PULSE 360° Survey System shows physician leaders (MEC members, medical directors, chiefs and chairs, etc.) how to enhance their skills to motivate, inspire, and engage with physicians and staff. Many physicians desire leadership roles, but their training has been so focused on technical skills that they may not have had the time to acquire the insights and leadership skills necessary for today’s healthcare delivery landscape…which desperately needs more leaders. The Leadership PULSE Program provides meaningful feedback on what they are doing right, an opportunity to develop Leadership Excellence Goals, and the coaching and support that’s needed to further enhance their management and leadership style.

It takes only about 15 minutes of the leader’s time to generate a 15 page report that shows strengths/opportunities benchmarked against our national physician-leader norms.


360° Feedback for Nurses

nurse communication for HCAHPSNurses have an enormous role in shaping the patient experience. Along with the physicians who now receive 360 assessments, nurses also deserve helpful and constructive feedback.

With the Nursing PULSE 360° Survey System — and the automated goal-setter software  nurses gain actionable feedback about how others perceive their strengths and any suggestions for improvement.



Improve physicians by helping them understand how their technical and teamwork skills are perceived by others

physician team with joint commission training

The Quality PULSE 360° Survey System identifies how physicians are perceived on technical, teamwork, communication, and patient satisfaction skills.




Medical students need more than technical training

medical student training and 360 feedbackMedical students are given top-notch technical training, but non-technical skills play a strong role in creating the patient experience and enhancing quality.

Don’t make medical students wait to learn these crucial skills “on the job.”



Perception can be reality for healthcare leaders

hospital HCAHPS leader survey perception gapEven with the best leaders, there is a gap between how the leader sees his/her leadership skills and the perceptions of others.

360-degree feedback helps leaders close that gap and learn ways to go from good to great.